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February 16, 2021

In the thick of a Torontonian winter, fantasizing about the warmer days ahead is about the easiest thing you can do. All it took was a few months of frigid temperatures for us to deify sunshine, barbecues and short sleeves, and luckily for us, warm weather might be on the horizon. Only a few weeks ago, our friends Wiarton Willie and Shubenacadie Sam predicted an early Spring, which means that we might enjoy the kickbacks of sunny weather earlier than we thought!

For those of us who like to enjoy the hot weather with a nice, frozen cocktail in-hand, we’re in luck. No matter what you like, there’s something for every palate. If you tend to favour sipping on something rich and pillowy, look no further than your childhood Summer go-to for your answer: ice cream! Not only does ice cream provide a solid foundation to build upon, but the sheer number of flavours gives you a lot of options, of which we’re only scratching the surface. 

The below beverages can all be made vegan by using a few substitute ingredients and swapping out traditional ice cream for a high-quality plant-based alternative. For consistent results, we recommend using Coconut Bliss; their decadent ice creams, made from organic coconut milk and coconut cream, provide “good” medium-chain triglyceride fats that give them the same creamy texture that dairy fat gives traditional ice cream. If you are in Toronto, you can find their products at The Sweet Potato.


Boozy vegan cocktails made using ice cream

Treat yourself! These ice cream cocktails can be enjoyed at any time of the year but are especially welcome on a hot, cloudless day. Veganize by using alternative ingredients and swapping out cream-based ice cream for Coconut Bliss’ rich and dense organic and plant-based options. Enjoy!


Frozen Mudslide

Frozen mudslides are cooling, refreshing and delicious; not only are they satisfying, but this classic beverage is the perfect accompaniment to a humid evening. Made with ice, vodka, Irish cream, vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, the Frozen Mudslide screams decadence. In addition to using a vegan ice cream, use a dairy-free Irish cream, such as Baileys Almande. 


Beer Ice Cream Float

It doesn’t get simpler than this! If you enjoyed root beer floats as a child, omitting the root is the natural next step. For best results, shop around for a dark, complex beer with espresso or chocolate overtones. Top with a few scoops of vanilla or coffee-flavoured ice cream, and enjoy!  



This bright green beverage is a showstopper! It has all the markings of your favourite mint-flavoured chocolate bar, but in liquid form! Try it out with only three base ingredients: green crème de menthe, white crème de cacao and lightly-sweetened dairy-free ice cream. Easy to make and easier to drink, the Grasshopper is a perfect after-dinner treat. 


Dark ‘N Stormy Ice Cream Float

The combination of sweet dark rum, punchy ginger beer and creamy ice cream is not to be passed up. A Dark ‘N Stormy Ice Cream Float is such a welcome treat after a long, hard day and only requires a few ingredients. In addition to the aforementioned ice cream, dark rum and ginger beer, all you’ll need to make this drink is a bit of sugar and lime. 


Pink Squirrel Cocktail

Talk about pretty-in-pink! This attractive little cocktail is uncomplicated, delicious, and primed to become an instant favourite. Simply blend crème de noyaux, white crème de cacao and dairy-free ice cream together, and voila! Top it off with an optional Maraschino cherry, or enjoy it as is.


Even though we haven’t been graced with warm weather yet, there’s no shame in some early planning. Besides, warm weather isn’t an end-all-be-all prerequisite; any of the above suggestions can be enjoyed at any time. Although you will have to reach for some alternative ingredients to ensure your beverage is vegan, none of these should require much extra effort. Choosing products like Coconut Bliss’ line of mouth-watering plant-based options make it all the easier. We hope that one of these recipes finds a spot in your summer cocktail repertoire!