Welcome to The Sweet Potato


We’re a full service natural and local food grocery store located in the heart of the Junction in Toronto’s West End.

We love good food and are dedicated to bringing you the very best in fresh, local and organic!  That means only the very highest quality produce, meats, dairy, baked goods, bulk foods, and the yummy prepared dips, meals, and other delights we make fresh daily in our kitchen.

We sample and source amazing products to support your healthy lifestyles.  Whether you are dedicated to local and organic food, or have any number of food sensitivities or diet requirements (gluten-free, raw, or vegan anyone?) you can be sure we have an affordable and delicious selection. We are always bringing in new and exciting products to suit your needs, so check back with us!

If this is all new to you, we’re here to help! Ask our friendly staff in store or check out our recipes, food news, hot links and tips. We are social spuds and like to keep you in the loop, answer your questions, and make you laugh on a daily basis. Join us on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to sign up for our Potato Post.

So What Makes us Different?

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before with health food types; “We are gluten-free, paleo vegans”, “We only listen to alternative music”, “We only wear vintage” and “We go tree planting every night after work, (but before yoga)”. Let’s be honest, most people in this biz are pretty passionate about what they do. We are all these things, but we strive to serve our customers and community in a real way. We make it a priority to choose and to know our local farmers and producers. We only carry products that seriously taste good without basing our decisions solely on how much chia seeds or goji berries are hidden in the latest brownie.

We can’t deny our love of food or desire to tread lightly on this earth, but we’re not here to save the world, we just want to make your lives a little bit sweeter!