We work side-by-side with some pretty awesome local farmers to bring you the freshest of whatever’s in season at the very best prices. We love exciting varieties, never shying away from a purple cauliflower, a chioggia beet, or anything that makes your plate more colourful and interesting!

From the beginning, we’ve been committed to offering you the very best in local and organic produce. What that means is:

  • We sell produce that’s local and organic;
  • We sell produce that’s local and not certified organic, but only when we find a source we trust and we can’t find a better local and certified organic alternative;
  • We sell produce that’s imported and organic, but only when we can’t find a local option;
  • We never sell any GMO produce.

We’re straight up when it comes to your food. questions or feedback for our produce department? Please contact us! We’d love to hear from you!