The Sweet Potato has an active donation and community support program! We help raise funds and donate food, gift cards, and other store merchandise to not-for-profit organizations, community agencies, local fundraisers, and other groups and events.

While there is no request too big or small for us to consider, generally speaking, we prioritize working with local, lower-profile organizations. There are a lot of organizations that do amazing work and have a national platform, and we believe that it’s the best use of our own privilege to help the other organizations (those without the clout & fundraising budget of nationally known charities), and we try to spend all of our efforts supporting those organizations and elevating and amplifying their voices.

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Some Local Agencies Close to Our Heart

Dashmaawaan Bemaadzinjin Logo

Dashmaawaan Bemaadzinjin

Dashmaawaan Bemaadzinjin (They Feed The People) is a community-based Indigenous food sovereignty support effort formed in June of 2020 to provide healthy, whole, fresh, and traditional foods to local Elders and Indigenous folks that are houseless and living in the encampments in Toronto.  They focus not only on food but also on wellness and community connections and recognize that Indigenous food sovereignty is about more than making sure that people are fed, and that they have opportunities to thrive and honour their spirits whenever possible.  Through their efforts, Dashmaawaan Bemadzinjin has provided over 25,000 meals and meal kits to Indigenous Elders and Indigenous folks that are houseless and living in the encampments in Toronto, and we are very proud and honoured to be supporting them through fundraising efforts and donations of food.


Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction

Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction is a response to the pandemic of ongoing colonization and lack of services for the urban Indigenous population. They are a grassroots initiative that works on the frontlines of encampment support and the devastating overdose crisis that is currently taking place across Turtle Island, providing traditional meals and supplies that are desperately needed.  We are honoured to support their amazing work through fundraising and regular donations of food and vitamins.


Romero House

Romero House came to life in 1991 when a small group, who believed that refugees should be treated differently, took over a refugee shelter threatened with closure.  They operate four houses in our neighbourhood, where refugee claimants live safely while they establish themselves, work to bring their family to Canada and develop their claims, and forge warm bonds with the live-in staff (one staff member is assigned to each household) and the larger community.  We have long supported them with regular donations of food and toiletries, as well as supporting their annual Street Party!


High Park Nature Centre

The High Park Nature Centre does amazing educational programs in nearby High Park.  We’ve long supported a selection of their events in the past, and we were thrilled last year to take a large part in supporting their Indigenous-Led Family Nature Walks. The Nature Center balances natural education with important equity work, and we’re thrilled to help them in their mission.



Food Share is a truly incredible organization, with an incredible vision – in addition to supporting food-insecure individuals and populations, they also do amazing advocacy work, nutrition education, and community gardens, all through a uncompromising lens of food justice for those most affected by poverty and food insecurity – Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and People with Disabilities.



Sistema Toronto provides musical and intellectual opportunities to children in vulnerable communities, with the goal of transformative social change.  We are lucky enough to be located right near one of their facilities, and every month we send over a hot meal for their Honours Orchestra.


Stone Soup Network

People like to give. Stone Soup Network gives them an easy way to do it.  They keep a list of donated products and services, and make this list accessible online to social connectors such as religious leaders or social workers who have clients in need.  Through their work they enrich the social safety net by connecting donated products with folks in need – so a child gets a birthday cake, a night out is available to a family facing a difficult medical journey, and a haircut is provided for someone preparing for a job interview.

Community Events

We also love to support and participate in local school and community fundraisers, street festivals, community parties, and other events in support of local initiatives.


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