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Assortment of winter squash

Our Banned Ingredients

From human health concerns to harm to workers and the environment, we’ve banned more than 100 ingredients from our store. Read about our rationale and find out which ones here.


Natural foods Glossary of Terms

Confused about GMOs, hydroponics, organic and transitional farms? If you’re new to natural foods, this comprehensive glossary of terms will help set you on an informed path!

The Sweet Potato - plastic bags vs paper bags - plastic wins out as more environmentally friendly.

Paper vs. Plastic bags

Did you know paper bags are much worse for the environment than plastic? We were surprised when we looked closely at the science when choosing the best option for our store.

Looking for recipes, taste profiles, storage tips, and more? We’ve got you covered!

The Sweet Potato - 6 different onions - leeks, yellow, white, purple or Spanish, shallot and green onions. Do you know how to best use them?

Taste Profile – The Onion Family

Wonder which onion would work best for that burger, salad, soup, or casserole? This handy onion taste profile breaks it down for you!

The Sweet Potato Grocery Toronto - our chef developed this warm kale and beet salad recipe that's sure to please

Sweet Potato Kitchen – Warm Kale & Beet Salad 

Perfect for a cold day, this recipe calls for roasting the kale so it’s warm and wilted. If you prefer your greens cool and crunchy, just skip that step!

The Sweet Potato recipes - vegan mango lassi

Sweet Potato Kitchen – Vegan Mango Lassi

An ancient drink from South Asia, lassi is usually made with a yogurt base.  We’ve updated the recipe to be suitable for vegans, and delicious for everybody!

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 2.26.21 PM

The Sweet Potato Kitchen – Easy Salmon Cakes

It’s likely you’ve got all you need for these salmon cakes in your pantry right now! No parsley? No problem: dill, chives, or green onion would work! Throw on a bun for a delicious fish sandwich, or enjoy as is with a green salad.


Sweet Potato Kitchen – Grilled Chard Bundles 

Chard is a wonderful veggie for grilling.  It cooks fast and easily, and grilling brings out its rich flavour and texture. This kitchen-sink recipe works with whatever you have on hand! Get inventive & use up those leftovers!


Sweet Potato Kitchen – Acai Bowl

This is the traditional –  and delicious – way to consume Acai, the original super-fruit! But don’t feel hampered by this at all; you can swap out any of the ingredients and vary the recipe to your heart’s content.