Let us keep you up to date on issues related to organic farming and the natural foods industry!


Our Banned Ingredients

From human health concerns to harm to workers and the environment, we’ve banned more than 100 ingredients from our store. Read about our rationale and find out which ones here.

Natural Foods Glossary of Terms

Confused about GMOs, hydroponics, organic and transitional farms? If you’re new to natural foods, this comprehensive glossary of terms will help set you on an informed path!

Paper vs Plastic

Did you know paper bags are much worse for the environment than plastic? We were surprised when we looked closely at the science when choosing the best option for our store.

Looking for recipes, taste profiles, storage tips, and more? We've got you covered!

How to Peel a Pomegranate

Follow these 5 steps for peeling a pomegranate easily and effortlessly!

Sweet Meals

All of our great recipes, in one convenient place for your cooking pleasure! We’re always adding new ones, so check back often!

10 Rules of Cheese Pairing

This holiday season, impress your guests with a stunning cheese platter. Just follow these simple rules!

Apples to Apples

There are so many types of apples out there! Learn what works best in lunchboxes, salads, pies, and made into chips!

Get Fired Up!

Learn about where those hot peppers sit on the Scoville Scale and whether you dare try some of the hottest we’ve got on offer.

So Many Ways to Squash

Wonder about how those very different looking squash compare? This guide’ll tell ya when to bake, broil, mash, stuff and stew!