Blog PostBrands we loveMy Love Affair With NTY’s Canadian Grown Pumpkin Seed Butter by Digs Dorfman

April 15, 2024

One of the best things about my job is that I get to taste everything. If we add a new product to our shelves, chances are I’ve tried it and loved it. But believe it or not, up until recently I’d never tried one of our best-selling nut butters: the pumpkin seed butter from our good friends at Nuts to You. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve consumed copious amounts of NTY’s peanut butter and almond butter over the years, particularly on toast with jam or as a part of my beloved post-workout smoothie. But for whatever reason I‘ve always left pumpkin seed butter off the menu. Maybe because I didn’t feel the need for change? Maybe because it’s green? Maybe because I’d heard so much about all of its various health benefits I’d never given much thought to how amazing it could taste?

But wow… was I ever missing out. Pumpkin seed butter is incredible! It’s earthy, nutty, and unbelievably delicious – like UN-BE-LIEVABLY delicious! It’s a bit less sweet than peanut butter, but even creamier, and somehow that makes it even more satisfying as a vessel for jam and toast. It’s like the broccoli of nut butters – it tastes so perfect you can barely believe it’s so good for you.

…which brings me to its health benefits. First of all, pumpkin seed butter is packed full of both magnesium and protein, which means that eating some as a part of a nighttime snack will make you drowsy and be great for overnight tissue recovery. This is perfect for me, because I’m fairly active and also because I sometimes have a tough time sleeping. It’s also got loads of potassium, manganese, iron, vitamin E, fibre, probiotics and is widely renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It does everything for you but your taxes.

Also, as though you needed another reason to eat it, the good folks at Nuts to You (a longstanding progressive Ontario company and one of our all-time favourites) use only Canadian pumpkin seeds. So… of all of their amazing butters, this one also has the very lowest carbon footprint, and puts even more money back into the Canadian economy.

Anyways, I’m in love with the stuff right now, and I’m convinced that if you try it you will be, too. But don’t forget that if you don’t happen to love it as much as I do, you can always take advantage of our ‘Guaranteed Delicious’ policy and return it for a full, no hassle refund.