We continue to do our best to prioritize the health and safety of our community. Please check back often as this page is routinely updated per Public Health guidelines.

Here are some of the measures we adopted to help safeguard our entire community:

  • Masks are mandatory for all team members at The Sweet Potato and we encourage our customers to wear them too.
  • Daily until 10AM on Sundays and Wednesdays we offer Safer Shopping Hours for those at higher risk of Covid-19 infection where you’ll find masks are mandatory for everyone, a freshly sanitized and stocked store, HEPA air filters running.
  • Additional HEPA filters have been placed through the store and back-of-house to improve air quality and exchange.
  • If it’s unsafe for you to shop in-store, we have an e-commerce shopping site, shop.thesweetpotato.ca, where you can find all your Sweet Potato faves. We offer the choice of contactless pick-up in our parking lot or delivery if you need us to bring the goods right to your door.
  • In addition to our rigorous cleaning regimen, we’ve added three full-time cleaning roles to our team. During opening hours, team members are regularly cleaning and disinfecting the store, both on the floor and behind the scenes. This is over and above the deep clean that happens after the store is closed.
  • You’ll notice changes to the layout of the store, including a new entry, widened aisles, and a single checkout line. All of these changes help customers maintain physical distance.
  • Regular and thorough handwashing is happening constantly for our staff.
  • We’ve closed our seating area, removed our self-serve coffee and free fruit for kids, cancelled all in-store sampling events for the time being.
  • If you are able, we ask that you pay by card. We will always accept cash, but for everyone’s health and safety we prefer this method if you can use it.
  • No staff work sick. We don’t require doctor’s notes and we’ve increased our paid sick days. We also offer flexible schedules and job security if any staff feel the need to take time off right now. We’ve added additional health benefits, including mental health supports and increases to compensation. And we’re working to ensure our team stays fed and their needs are met while they’re working.
  • Please understand that our team is working very hard to keep our community fed. A friendly word, your efficient shopping, and shopping alone whenever possible all helps to keep us safer.
  • If you need special accommodation beyond our shoppable website, please email us at info[at]TheSweetPotato.ca to arrange for an individualized shopping plan.
Safer Shopping Hours continue daily til 10 AM
Safer Shopping Hours for Higher Risk Folks

Daily until 10 AM we’re ensuring a safer shopping experience for higher risk friends and their household members. Access to this service continues to be at our customers’ discretion. There are countless ways folks and their families are made vulnerable to Covid-19 infection including but not limited to: age, pregnancy, chronic illness, compromised immune system, and those who cannot be vaccinated.

Deep Cleaning and HEPA Filtration

We continue to clean the store throughout the day, but our most rigorous deep cleaning happens overnight – so folks can take advantage of our Safer Shopping Hours knowing the store has been fully cleaned. We also have HEPA filters running continuously throughout the store and behind the scenes to improve air quality and exchange.