WE ARE huge supporters of organic farming, AS WELL AS purveyorS of organic food. environmental stewardship MATTERS to us.


Environmental impact plays a factor in every decision we make, from choosing local farms and producers, to banning problematic ingredients from our store. Here are a few of our initiatives:


  • To reduce food waste, Sistering, a fabulous local charity, picks up food donations most days every week;
  • Produce scraps we generate are donated to a local farm to be used as organic animal feed;
  • Any produce scraps that can’t be used as organic feed are fed to our ORCA unit, an earth-friendly waste disposal technology that’s helping to divert waste away from landfills and reduce the number of garbage trucks on the road;
  • Animal by-products are recycled by Rothsay;
  • All cardboard, paper, jars, and cans are reused or recycled;
  • We choose our packaging carefully, seeking out recyclable materials whenever possible;
  • We’re dedicated to staying on top of best practices to ensure we’re making the best choices. Click here for our post about Paper vs. Plastic bags for an analysis of the environmental impact of each;
  • Our top-line refrigeration system is super energy efficient, recycling energy to heat water;
  • We will soon be offering a BYOB(ag) incentive program and support our customers’ waste reduction goals by taring their own receptacles for bulk purchases;
  • Staff do seasonal clothing swaps and Bunz-style trades;
  • And we offer a bike-to-work incentive for all our staff!

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