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June 23, 20180

Bugs can be really annoying – that’s probably why they’re called bugs! While we all know the most effective way to avoid bugs (Stay inside! Use DEET!)… those are also either toxic, or just a pretty un-fun way to pass the summer. Luckily, there are a number of all-natural insect repellents and insect repellent products that we sell at The Sweet Potato, that will help you enjoy the summer un-bugged.

Much like sunscreen, the first thing to know about insect repellent is that it works best if you use it properly. You should always read the label and follow the directions, but there are also some best practices recommended by Health Canada:

  • For your body, apply it directly to your exposed skin in a thin and even layer.
  • For your face, dispense a small amount into the palm of your hand, and spread it evenly over your face and neck – but avoid your eyes and mouth!
  • You can repeat at 45-minute intervals as necessary, but don’t exceed five applications per day.
  • Don’t let children apply insect repellent to their own faces – even if they’re using the hand-to-face method, they might then rub their eyes or put their fingers in their mouth. If they are applying it themselves, make sure that it is only to their arms and legs, and that they wash their hands afterwards.
  • Never apply it indoors or near food.

Not every product is effective at repelling every type of insect, so be sure that you’re using the right product for the insects that you are trying to repel. The Sweet Potato sells a number of different types of insect repellents and insect repellent products, so make sure you’re buying the right one!

All of the natural insect repellents sold at The Sweet Potato contain essential oils that are verified by Health Canada to repel insects. They are plant derived and non-toxic when used properly, and are not only as effective as conventional sprays but are safe for the environment at the same time!

In addition to normal repellent, The Sweet Potato also sells insect repellent shampoo and body wash. This isn’t just to double down on your repellent use, but rather for a more interesting reason: most body care products contain pleasant scents – and bugs LOVE pleasant scents! So even if you’re not particularly bothered by bugs, you might not realize that your shampoo is like an insect aphrodisiac – so be sure to use either unscented or citronella-containing body care products to help make sure you get through the bug season unbothered!

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