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June 19, 20180

While spending the summer at a cottage up north would be ideal, not all of us have access to vacation properties or have the ability to take time off to leave the city in the summer. Luckily for us here in Toronto, there are plenty of ways to experience cottage life right here in city.


Take a Dip

Pack a beach bag and head over to one of Toronto’s beautiful beaches. Toronto Island is a great option for escaping city life without actually leaving the city. Just a short ferry ride away, the Island’s beaches are right at our fingertips. They’ve also got the option of canoes, kayaks and bikes (including tandem bikes) for rent. Just don’t forget to pack a mineral-based natural sunscreen from our sunscreen guide to stay sun safe.

For beach beverages, we recommend Blue Monkey‘s pure Coconut Water loaded with electrolytes, Kiju organic juice boxes for the lil’ ones, and Walter’s Caesar mix.

For beach snacks, we recommend packing Prana’s organic trail mixes and Neal Brothers kettle chips. Don’t forget the organic watermelon slices, organic baby carrots, Sunflower Kitchen‘s hummus, and sandwiches from our very own Sweet Potato Kitchen!


Toronto Island, Beach, Sand, Dunes


Spark a Fire

It wouldn’t be a cottage experience without a campfire! Book a fire pit over on the city’s website, and head over to Dufferin Grove park for a smoky good time. For campfire toastables – be sure to pack Life Choices natural hot dogs and Rescue Dogs veggie links for a meatless option (bonus: a portion of every sale goes to local animal rescues). For a sweet campfire snack, don’t forget to pick up Dandies marshmallows, s’more fixin’s from our bulk department, Pamela’s gluten free honey graham crackers, and Theo‘s dark chocolate bars, plus find Sweet Deals on these items from June 22nd-July 5th.


S'more, campfire


Hike it Up

The Scarborough Bluffs is a great local option for getting that cottage hike-in-the-woods experience in without going out of the city proper. At the bottom of the Bluffs lies a beautiful, pristine beach which makes for a super relaxing end to the hike. Be sure to pack a big bottle of Flow spring water to stay hydrated, and for hiking fuel we’ve got McLean’s turkey jerky, Clif energy bars, and Central Roast’s line of delicious, organic nuts.


Scarborough Bluffs, Toronto, Hiking


Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a campfire, a hike, or just a picnic and stroll through our local High Park, The Sweet Potato’s got you covered for all of your Cottaging in The City essentials! Talk about the #SweetLife.

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