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August 20, 2021

We’re all in agreement that chips are one of the best snacks ever invented, right? With their endlessly varied flavours, cuts and textures, there really is something for everyone. Even if you’re someone who prefers your munchies on the sweet side, this usually savoury snack has tons of sweetened options also. With that, is it any surprise that chips, kettle chips specifically, can transform some of our other favourite foods from good to better?

We’ve compiled a list of foods that would heavily benefit from adding a handful of potato chips. Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them; while some of these recipes might seem out of the ordinary, once you’ve tried them, you may never go back. As for what type of chips you should use, we highly recommend kettle-cooked chips because of their signature crunch. In this regard, Kettle Brand potato chips are ideal! 

Whether you favour something spicy, classic, tangy or cheesy, you can usually find what you’re looking for with Kettle Brand. With over 30 flavours to choose from, you can get really creative with this brand. With all of that out of the way, here are five different ways kettle chips can level up your favourite recipes. 

Surprising ways you can use kettle chips to make your favourite foods all the better 


In sandwiches

Let’s start easy. Adding potato chips to your sandwiches isn’t exactly a new idea. Still, plenty of people turn their noses up at the suggestion. If you’ve yet to try adding a handful of your favourite chips to your favourite sandwich, give it a go! If you’re a person who is excellent at matching flavours, choose a potato chip that nicely complements the toppings in your sandwich, and experience one of the best crossovers of all time!  


As a breaded crust

The next time you’re making chicken tenders or fried shrimp, instead of breadcrumbs, turn your eyes on potato chips. This naturally crispy snack is sure to deliver prime crunch as you’ve never tasted before. To our dismay, breadcrumbs can sometimes turn soggy and limp, so it doesn’t always guarantee the perfect end result. On the other hand, Kettle chips were crafted to be extremely crunchy and robust, so they’re much less likely to let up.


In stir-fries

The wonderful thing about stir-fries is that there are very few rules. Most stir fry ingredients lack super crunchy textures, which is exactly where potato chips come in. Next time you are throwing a stir fry together, crush up some chips at the end, and prepare to never go back! Many people suggest simply opening your fridge and tossing whatever leftover veggies you have into the mix, and so why should potato chips be treated any differently? 


As an ice cream topping

This one might seem a little odd to the untrained eye. We don’t blame you for having a viscerally adverse reaction if you did. But please, bear with us! What better compliment is there to sweet than something savoury? We love a good sweet n’ savoury dip or marinade, so what’s different here? There’s a reason dipping your fries in a milkshake is a thing; adding some kettle chips to your ice cream is just taking it a step further. Even if you think it’s weird, we implore you to give it a try!


As a pie crust

There are so many savoury pies that would benefit from an equally savoury, salty crust. If you haven’t tried a potato chip crust, what are you waiting for?! Seriously, it’s as though they were meant to be manipulated and turned into a crispy, delicious crust. Much like bread serves multiple purposes a la breadcrumbs, potato chips are just as versatile. The next time you are making a pie or a tart, be a little daring and make the crust with chips instead. 

Let us reiterate: chips are one of the best snack foods ever invented. If you didn’t believe us before, hopefully, you believe us now. Even though they are fantastic right out of the bag, there are so many ways they can be put to good use. We recommend levelling up some of your fave dishes by working in Kettle Brand potato chips; their crunchy, crispy finish is begging to be put to good use!