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March 19, 2021

Is there anything that potatoes can’t do? Whichever flavour profile or texture you’re looking to indulge in at any given moment, there’s a potato dish ready. Whether it be sweet, tangy or savoury, crispy, soft, or chewy, you can always find the answer you’re looking for in the form of potatoes! 

Fries, by extension, have the same palate-diversity. As Canadians, we’re no stranger to putting extra ingredients atop our fries; however, the ways we can switch it up range far beyond your classic cheese curd and gravy poutine. Since fries provide a very solid base to build upon, it’s one of the best common foods to play around with and tweak for preferences. 

With that in mind, we wanted to shine a light on some of the unique but incredibly tasty toppings you should give a try, courtesy of Alexia. Alexia’s fries lineup is naturally delicious, sustainably produced and available to buy at The Sweet Potato. With their products serving as the base, the final product is already guaranteed to be delicious.


Here are 5 unconventional but delicious loaded fries you should try


Avocado Madness

What do you get when you combine the smooth fattiness of avocado, the tart freshness of pomegranate seeds and the sharp savouriness of goat cheese? Guilt-free indulgence on a plate! If you already enjoy spreading avocado on toast or mashed into a guac, this is the perfect recipe for you. 

Find the full recipe here.


Cinnamon Sugar Dusted Sweet Potato Fries


How sweet it is! These dessert fries take everything you love from a freshly baked apple pie and combine it with the natural sugariness of sweet potato fries. Complete with apple compote, pecans and a light drizzling of maple syrup, it really doesn’t get any sweeter than this! 

Find the full recipe here.



Loaded Truffle Fries

alexia-friesA recipe that is well-worth the truffle! These decadent, loaded fries are made up of tried and true ingredients and are ideal for those who prefer something on the savoury side. The power of sautéed onions, garlic, mushrooms and Gruyere cheese has never felt so strong. 

Find the full recipe here.



Korean kimchi fries with grilled chicken

alexia-organic-friesThese Korean-inspired sweet potato fries fulfill all of the three S’s: spicy, sour and sweet! Topped with a healthy dollop of kimchi and a drizzling of gochujang aioli, you might want to enjoy this one with a refreshing drink on hand. 

Find the full recipe here.




Matcha fries


There is no matcha for these fries! Lightly dusted with matcha salt and served with a drizzle of white miso aioli, it’s totally fine (and in some ways, expected) if you find yourself feeling fancy while making these or eating them. Top it off with black sesame seeds and fresh scallions for some photo-ready plating! 

Find the full recipe here.


A nice bed of crispy golden-brown fries with a smattering of salt and pepper will always be a go-to classic. But for those times that you want to switch it up, and try something new and flavourful, any of the above options are sure to be winners. After you try one of these toppings paired with Alexia’s high quality and Certified Organic fries, the sheer amount of deliciousness will live in your mind rent-free. Happy cooking!