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May 22, 20180

These sweet steaks’ll have you coming back for second cuts… and second helpings!

As you gear up for your BBQ season grill-stravaganza, we implore you not to overlook cuts like flank, skirt and flat iron steak. Striploin and ribeye are nice, but second cuts are where it’s at for deep, bold beefy flavours, heavy marbling and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. As our Master Butcher and Red Seal Chef James Tober says: “Second cuts are the first cuts of flavour.”


Flank Steak

Cut from the bottom abdominal area, flank steak is a lean, thick and wide cut with loads of flavour. As flank can be a little tough, these are our go-to tenderizing tips:

  • Marinating
  • High heat and quick cooking
  • Thinly slicing against the grain

Acidic marinades like the one in this recipe are excellent for tenderizing tougher cuts like flank and skirt steak, while adding loads of flavour. Marinated before and after grilling, this Lemon Garlic Marinated Flank Steak is grillfriend material.


Skirt Steak

A long, thin cut from the diaphragm area, skirt is even beefier than flank, with more tough muscles too.


  • For the most tender texture, don’t cook beyond rare or medium rare, and remember to cut against the grain.
  • Cook quickly over high heat, or braise/slow-cook
  • Skirt is a great choice for stir-frys and fajitas

Skirt steak is perfect for soaking up marinades – like this herby, tangy Balsamic Marinated Skirt Steak recipe.


Flat Iron Steak

Cut from the shoulder, flat iron steak is juicy, flavourful and well marbled. It’s our go-to for quick suppers as it requires just minutes on the grill.

With all the tenderness of a filet, flat irons are an ideal canvas for flavourful rubs. This Grilled Flat Iron recipe is equal parts sweet, spicy and tangy.

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