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November 16, 2021

If you’re new to the world of coffee, the ins and outs can feel confusing at best and, dare we say, pretentious at worst. Making the transition from drip coffee to pour over, French Press and the like will have any newcomer scratching their head and wondering what the charade’s all for. Can the water temperature, bean coarseness and steep times really have that great of an effect on a cup of coffee? Is it really necessary to weigh your beans in place of measuring them? Are we sure that this isn’t all just some grand placebo-like gesture? If you’ve never given much thought to coffee, it’ll sure seem like it! 

But the great thing about coffee is that it has the power to turn skeptics into full-blown believers. After you’ve discovered what works well for you, the meticulousness in which people approach their brew starts to make a lot more sense. But let’s be real: the world of coffee can feel so daunting to take on that many of us never get to this point. So, to help ease you into it, let’s turn our attention to some real coffee experts.

Propeller Coffee, located a mere few blocks away from The Sweet Potato in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood, makes the process of appreciating coffee uncomplicated. Since they’ve opened, Propeller Coffee has positioned quality, sustainability, and community at the heart of their process, aiming to only provide the best in coffee culture. Not to mention, their rustic-industrial café and blends are beyond incredible!

“There’s something so deeply compelling and humanistic about seeing green beans arrive in a burlap sack from Ethiopia or Brazil, and then watching the magic happen using a mix of both traditional and modern gear and skills,” co-founder and owner Losel Tethong is quoted as saying on their website by way of explaining why he loves coffee. “It’s an affirmation of the value of craftsmanship, traditional knowledge, and centuries-old trade relationships.” 

And that passion, that also radiates through the rest of the Propeller Coffee team, is precisely what makes their business so captivating and their coffee so irresistible; but not only that, it is what lends them credence as the perfect group of people to learn from. And the best thing about that is that they always aim to educate in a very approachable, non-judgmental way. True coffee lovers love to see a lightbulb moment and never want to gatekeep; this is the energy in which Propeller Coffee always approaches their community. 

Giving the complete lowdown on coffee will undoubtedly overwhelm anybody, so it’s always best to learn through short, actionable ideas. With that in mind, Propeller Coffee has graciously shot succinct, knowledgeable and approachable videos aimed to educate. Here are some tips from the experts themselves.


How to get the perfect grind


Getting the dose right


The perfect pour


It’s all about the froth


Perfecting your latte art


You can also find their brew guides for Aeropress, Hario V60, French Press, Moka Pot, Espresso, Espro Bloom, and Chemex on their website here. Shop Propeller Coffee’s amazing selection and blends at The Sweet Potato in-store or online through our fully shoppable e-commerce website!