Back to SchoolBlog PostBreakfastEasy breakfast ideas that guarantee you’ll get out the door in time for school

September 2, 2021

Back to school time is officially just around the corner! Although many things are still shrouded in uncertainty thanks to us entering another school year with COVID still in the midst, it’s also an exciting time for many of our kids who are excited to get back at it (and parents who are excited for some quiet!). What’s less exciting is the morning time rush. Especially if you are a parent who is back to commuting to and from the office, mornings can get a little hectic. From breakfast to lunch to getting ready and getting everyone out the door, it’s a monumental task, to say the least.

Breakfast, often deemed the most important meal of the day, is usually when everything starts to go amiss. Trying to get something nutritious, delicious and energy-boosting on the plate of your littles is no easy task, and a lot of us struggle to do it day in and day out. Much like preparing school lunches, there can be a lot to consider without much time to consider it. 

To help you ease into the new school year, we’ve compiled a list of nine menu items that are easy to assemble, children will love, and you will feel good about them eating. Some of these ideas require a little preparation, but much of the preparation can be done ahead of time, leaving you with more time to attack the day. 


9 easy children breakfast ideas that guarantee you’ll get out the door in time for school


Frozen yogurt bites

Requiring only five ingredients or less, you’ll wonder why you weren’t making these sooner! Frozen yogurt bites can be prepared in only ten minutes and stored in the freezer for a speedy grab-and-go meal. We recommend incorporating your kids’ favourite fruits, a fruity yogurt and a hearty serving of granola. 


Bran Muffins

Made with only the good stuff, like bran, fresh fruit, and whole wheat flour, these muffins are something that appeals to kids because they’re well, muffins, and parents because they’re packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. Make these muffins ahead of time, freeze them, and pop them in the oven at a moment’s notice!


Yogurt parfait

Yogurt parfaits are much like the yogurt bites mentioned above but aren’t frozen and are usually prepared the day before or when they’re meant to be eaten. Luckily all you have to do is assemble a few basic ingredients, which should take no more than 10 minutes, and voila! You’ve got yourself a quick, healthy and delicious breakfast, 



A breakfast classic! Whether you’re into instant oats, savoury oats, or something else, oatmeal doesn’t play around with your time. This breakfast favourite can be easily prepared on the mornings when you’re running low on time. 


Make-ahead breakfast sandwiches/ wraps

Is there anything better than something that you can prepare ahead of time and freeze for later? According to this list, there isn’t! Make-ahead breakfast sandwiches and wraps are no exception. If you’re able to set aside a couple of hours a week for some meal prep, you’ll thank yourself for this easy grab-heat-up-and-go breakfast option!


Frozen fruit and vegetable smoothies

It doesn’t have to be glamorous to get the job done. To prepare this morning delight, all you have to do is toss things into a blender and press a button until it comes out smooth. Not only are smoothies incredibly easy, but they’re also a great way to get your children to eat their veggies! Nothing masks a healthy vegetable quite as well as a healthy fruit can. 


Cereal with fresh fruit

It’s true that many cereals are loaded with sugars and processed ingredients that are not optimal for anyone, let alone a still growing person. Still, thanks to many healthy food movements, there are so many healthy varieties these days. You can find a wide selection of organic, Non-GMO and gluten-free cereals at The Sweet Potato to get your fix. 


Banana or zucchini bread

Not only is bread making an excellent way to get in your baking fix, but there are so many things that you can make that will benefit you later. For your next bake, we recommend a zucchini or banana bread loaf. These breads usually have a shelf life of about a week, making them a wonderful option to chip away at throughout the week. 


Egg and Vegetable muffin cups

Another delicious option that can be made way in advance?! Yup. Loaded with fresh, bright veggies and protein-packed eggs, any day that starts with these is off to a great start. You can store them in the fridge if you plan to eat them that week, or keep them in the freezer and pop them in the oven or a toaster oven if you’re planning farther in the future.


And just like that, your morning load was made a little lighter. Many of these recipes require that you carve out a little time in your evenings, but we promise that if you prepare in advance, you’ll thank yourself for it later. We hope that any of these suggestions gave you some food for thought – have a great school year!