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July 8, 2021

Any parent will tell you that getting your children to eat healthily is not always an easy feat. If they had it their way, mealtime would consist of an endless rotation of frozen nuggets and pizza instead of whatever veggie dish you put in front of them. Even if the food that you prepared is much more delicious than any frozen counterpart, it can take an exhausting amount of negotiating for them to realize it.

Bread is often a point of contention, with many children preferring white bread instead of the more nutritious whole grain variety. But while the switch from white to whole grain may take some getting used to, there are some fun and delicious recipes to aid in the transition so that your little one won’t even realize that what they’re eating is actually good for them! 

Not only are the specialty crafted breads from Silver Hills Bakery whole grain, but they take it one step further by using sprouted grains. Unlike usual whole grain products enriched to make up for nutrients that were otherwise lost in processing, sprouted whole grains help you retain more of the nutrition that’s already there. Although they’re already delicious as is, here are some recipes you can put their bread towards to give your children more of the good stuff.


Five delicious recipes that will have your kids happily eating whole grains 


DIY Sandwich Skewers

If you’re looking for an excellent excuse to go on a picnic this summer, here it is! These DIY sandwich skewers are fun to make and even more fun to enjoy in a park nearby. Easy to assemble, not only does this give your children something nutritious to eat, but it also gives them something creative and enjoyable to do when they’re bored. From PB&J skewers to vegan BLT sandwich skewers, there’s something to satisfy every palate! 

Find the full recipes here.


Hearty High-Protein Lentil Sloppy Joes

If there’s one thing children are particularly good at, it’s creating a mess. Most meals don’t lend themselves to such a talent, which makes sloppy joes a reason in and of itself to celebrate! This recipe from Silver Hills is quick to make and gushing with ooey-gooey goodness your little one will love. Hearty, high in protein and extremely flavourful, don’t be surprised if this recipe becomes a household staple! 

Find the full recipe here.


Coconut Crusted French Toast

Nothing indicates a great day ahead quite as well as a plate full of French toast can. Sticky, fruity and sweet, it’s as if French toast was crafted from the minds of the youth themselves. This recipe kicks it up a notch by adding a nice, complex flavour with coconut shreds and a beautiful, crunchy texture with chia seeds. Not only does it taste positively decadent, but it’s also a lot healthier than your average French toast!

Find the full recipe here.


Vegan Pizza Cups

It’s not a coincidence that most birthday parties thrown for children have a couple of boxes of ‘za to devour. Even the pickiest eater can get down with a steamy pie smothered in all of the good stuff. This recipe combines a nicely toasted bread crust with the one food we all know and love, and the results are, unsurprisingly, fantastic. 

Find the full recipe here.


Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Nothing soothes quite like a steamy bowl of soup on a chilly evening, especially if it’s something as tasty as a classic broccoli-cheddar soup. This plant-based recipe from Silver Hills is protein-rich and loaded with a creamy, irresistible flavour that your little one will LOVE. Serve it on its own, or pair it with a grilled cheese sandwich for some extra brownie points! 

Find the full recipe here

Not only are the above recipes brimming with nutrients, but many of them are also fun to make, and most importantly, delicious. Your children will have so much fun helping you assemble them and gobbling them up that they’ll completely forget they’re eating something good for them. You can shop Silver Hills Bakery’s artisan Non-GMO loaves and baked goods at The Sweet Potato in the Junction neighbourhood in Toronto or online through our fully shoppable website!