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August 12, 2020

Here at The Sweet Potato we’re big proponents of menstrual equity. Easy access to affordable, safe period care is essential. We want to see increased education and empowerment so folks can decide for themselves how to take care of their menstrual health. This is all integral to ending the stigma around a totally natural and normal body function. And let’s be honest, this shame is rooted in misogyny.

Here at The Sweet Potato we partner with local organizations, like Twelve Donations to collect menstrual products and raise awareness that while a necessity, these products are remain a luxury for many. Last December, together with our wonderful customers, we donated nearly 6500 menstrual products to those experiencing a barrier to accessing safe period care.

And it’s not just about access, it’s also about quality products that are good for bodies and good for the environment. We carry a range of these quality options, and have just introduced 7th Generation’s new line of organic tampons and chlorine-free liners and pads. We are also proud of how hard 7th Generation is working to help eliminate the ‘tampon tax’ that is still imposed in many states in the US (the Canadian federal government recognized tampons and pads as an essential product in 2015, eliminating the GST charged. Now many washrooms in schools, government buildings, and community centres in Ontario are stocked with free period care).