Blog PostThanks, but No Thanks

May 6, 2019

We’re delighted that our Black Plastic Recycling program has taken off so well! We’ve already filled two bins, and are rolling through another few as I write this, and we wanted to take an opportunity to clarify what we can and cannot accept.

We’ve received a LOT of stuff that we can’t recycle. We’d love it if we didn’t receive more.

We are really serious about doing this properly – it’s very important to us that the black plastic food containers that originate at The Sweet Potato don’t go into landfill, and it is easy enough to allow our community members access to this service that we’ve commissioned – so our staff sorts through all of the stuff we collect before sending it off to be recycled.

Our program only accepts clean, black, food grade plastic. That means that things that don’t belong – such as clear plastic, or housewares, or dirty black plastic food containers – have to be pulled out before we send the stuff to the recycling plant.

What follows is a gallery of the stuff that people have left in our recycling bins that we’ve had to divert:

We’re delighted that folks are so excited about our Black Plastic Recycling program. Please work with us to make it go as smooth as possible.