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February 2, 2022

We don’t need to remind you that this winter has been particularly brutal, do we? All you need to do is look out the window, and you’ll have all of the proof you need. No matter where you are in Ontario, when you open your blinds, you’ll find piles and piles of snow that haven’t yet melted, frigid skies, and naked trees swaying in the wind. Unfortunately for many of us, braving this chilly weather is inevitable; we’ve got work, school, and other commitments of the like. That’s why, whenever the most-coveted Snow Day comes around – when there’s too much snow on the ground to feasibly leave our homes – we’ve got to cherish it with all we have! 

The best thing that we can do to ensure our next Snow Day is the best one yet is prepare for it. And what better way to do that than to store much-needed ingredients in your freezer for when your food cravings hit. With that in mind, we’ve come up with the ultimate Snow Day menu courtesy of Stahlbush Island Farms for when you’re hunkered inside. These recipes are comforting, satisfying, warming, and best of all, easy to throw together if you have the right ingredients. 

Stahlbush Island Farms’ frozen fruits and vegetables, in particular, make preparing for a Snow Day easy-peasy. Their colourful produce, frozen at peak freshness, are all Non-GMO Project Verified, sustainable, kosher, and ready to answer the call. You can shop a variety of their frozen goodies at The Sweet Potato in The Junction neighbourhood of Toronto. 


The Ultimate Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert Menu for a Snow Day


Breakfast: Crepes with Caramelized Pineapples and Blueberries 

Start your day with something light, fruity, and comforting. These classic crepes are layered with delicious sweet-tart ooey-gooey compote and can be whipped together with super simple ingredients. Something that both children and adults alike will love, you can be sure you’re starting your day off on a high note with this recipe! 

Find the full recipe here.


Lunch: Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

Does anything go hand-in-hand with staying at home quite as well as a large bowl of steamy chicken noodle soup does? This popular lunchtime meal is a classic in many homes, especially if you have children. Stahlbush amps up the flavour with their colourful assortment of mixed veggies, making for a meal that isn’t only comforting but also good for you!

Find the full recipe here.


Dinner: Mexican Rice Casserole

Packed with protein while still feeling indulgent, this vegan Mexican casserole was made to please! As the last meal of the day, it packs enough energy to keep you full until morning, especially because it’s so hard to resist having seconds! 

Find the full recipe here


Dessert: Raspberry Sweet Rolls

Top off your day with something sweet and wonderfully decadent. These raspberry sweet rolls have a nice bit of tartness to offset all of the sweetness and enough fruity deliciousness to cut through the heaviness of the pastry. Comforting and warming fresh out the oven, they’re the perfect rolls to end your Snow Day on a high note. 

Find the full recipe here.


Even if winter isn’t your favourite time of the year, there’s no denying the pleasure of simply hunkering down and eating gobs of delish food. Make your next Snow Day one to remember with these varied and incredible recipes from Stahlbush Island Farms!