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January 29, 2021

For many of us, potato chips are the crème de la crème of grab-and-go snack foods, and for good reason. For one, the sheer number of flavours alone can leave you standing in a grocery store aisle debating with yourself back-and-forth; and for another, they’re nearly impossible to put down once you get started.

Since they’re already great on their own, it would stand to reason that they’re also the perfect ingredient to upgrade dishes in need of an extra crunch. But of course, as with most things, if you’re going to do it, you need to do it right. That begins with choosing the right chips. 


What chips should you use?

If it’s the texture you love, kettle-cooked chips are more likely to stay true to the snack’s signature crunch than regular potato chips are. Unlike traditional chips that are typically fried on a conveyor belt, kettle-cooked chips are cooked in a fryer in individual batches; because this cooking method takes longer to fry the chips, it results in a crispier, crunchier chip – one that is more likely to stand firm against sogginess. 

In this regard, Kettle Brand potato chips are an ideal option. With more than 30 flavours to choose from, you can get really creative with how you incorporate them. Whether you favour something spicy, classic, tangy or cheesy, you will probably be able to find what you’re looking for. Not only that, but they also have crinkle cut, organic, unsalted and non-GMO options. 


Five delicious things you can make using potato chips

Whether you love cooking for those in your bubble or are trying to perfect the best appetizer for when we can have get-togethers again, here are some delish kettle chip recipes to add to your arsenal. 


Burrito Bowl

If you’re feeling creative, burrito bowls are an excellent option for experimentation. Aside from a few base ingredients, most of the toppings are personalized to your own palate. This Tex-Mex smorgasbord lays the perfect foundation to add something unique, such as potato chips. Diversify the textures in your next burrito bowl by adding some extra crunch!

Recipe for kettle chip burrito bowls here.


Chocolate fudge

This one might seem a little unusual, but stay with us! We already know that flaky salt sprinkled over rich chocolate is a winning combination, so all it takes to make this recipe work is choosing the right flavour. A nice smattering of crumbled sea-salt flavoured chips can bring the house down; the contrasting flavours and the contrasting textures prove that opposites attract. 

Recipe for 5-ingredient kettle chip chocolate fudge here


Baked salmon

There are so many different ways to prepare salmon, and each of them are delicious. Making the skin nice and crispy is a popular way of getting a little extra bite, but it’s not the only way. The next time you decide to make salmon for dinner, experiment by coating the fish in your choice of barbeque sauce and covered with crushed up potato chips. You won’t be disappointed!

Recipe for easy salmon with barbeque chips here.


Garlicky, cheesy potatoes

What could possibly go awry by adding more potatoes to an already potato-y dish? We can’t think of a single thing! Since you already know that the base flavours will work with each other, there is a lot of wiggle room for which seasoning you can choose. Cheesy potatoes are the ultimate comfort food, so don’t approach it listlessly; embrace the indulgence of it, even if that means adding potatoes to potatoes!

Recipe for garlic herb cheesy potatoes here.


Popcorn chicken bites

Popcorn chicken is such a great snack to wind down with. They’re easy, bite-sized, tasty, and hard to stop eating once you get going. But while it may seem like an already quintessential dish, adding potato chips to the mix can give it an extra oomph that you didn’t even know it needed. If you usually bake your chicken bites rather than fry them, coating the chicken with kettle chips can preserve some of the crunch that’s often lost in the baking process. Not to mention, it’s oh-so-delicious.

Recipe for spicy popcorn chicken bites here.


Even though potato chips are already a fantastic snack right out of the bag, they can still be put to good use. We recommend raising the bar in some of your go-to dishes by working in Kettle Brand potato chips; their crunchy, crispy finish can take a dish from just okay to absolutely wow-worthy, so we hope that you give it a try. Happy cooking!