Brands we loveBrand Spotlight – MadeGood

February 14, 2020

We love to champion some of the companies we stock on our shelves. We are so lucky to meet some totally awesome people bringing lots of passion, innovation, and community love to the local food scene. Sometimes those companies even get to take things global. One of those companies is MadeGood.

We just love how MadeGood, a family business run by three siblings, Nima, Sahba, and Salma, and located right here in Toronto, has grown into an internationally recognized brand. MadeGood specializes in making truly delicious snacks families can feel good about: created from healthy organic whole food ingredients and without top-allergens, these are the go-to bars, cookies, and granola balls for nutritious school-safe snacks.

As a Certified B Corp business, MadeGood meets B Lab’s rigorous standards for social and environmental performance. They’re proud of the diverse and inclusive workplace they’ve built. And this has been the vision for their company from the beginning: Nima, Sahba, and Salma are New Canadians themselves and fundamentally understand the importance of creating a people-centred workplace that values the varied perspectives and experiences life brings.

Part of both their B Corp Certification and True Silver Zero Waste Certification means that MadeGood has also built an environmentally sustainable business. For instance, they divert more than 90% of their waste through reuse, recycling and composting.

And beyond that, MadeGood really loves to give back to a range of local and international organizations. Now these are snacks to feel great about!