We're getting Friendlier in our Bulk Department!

As we continue to work to eliminate single-use plastic in our offering, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Friendlier! This environmentally sustainable reusable container service allows us to do away with single-use plastic in our bulk department.

Friendlier is a company that is helping to eliminate single-use plastics by providing high-quality reusable containers to restaurants and grocery stores across Ontario. Each Friendlier container has been lab-tested to 100 uses. At the end of its lifecycle, each container is then recycled.

Beginning April 1st 2022 you’ll find our Bulk offering transitioning to reusable Friendlier containers!

How does the Friendlier Reusable Program work?

  • Choose your prepacked bulk items as usual! 
  • At checkout, you’ll be charged a 50¢ deposit fee for every bulk item you buy.
  • Instead of recycling these containers at home, scan the QR code on the bottom of their containers using the Friendlier app (available on the App Store or Google Play). For those who don’t want to download the app or don’t use a smartphone, simply enter the unique number on the bottom of the containers to the Friendlier website instead.
  • Containers can be returned to The Sweet Potato collection bin or to another participating business at any time.
  • Once picked up by Friendlier, deposits will be made available to customers by etransfer through their personal Friendlier accounts (via app, or log-in on the Friendlier website). Friendlier does not require any banking information. They send etransfers to clients using only an email address.
  • Finally, Friendlier sanitizes the containers, examines them to ensure fitness, and sends them for reuse at other participating stores and restaurants!

For a limited time, you can return your Friendlier packaging directly to The Sweet Potato for your refund.



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