Our Sweet Story

Meet Digs Dorfman, the man behind the yam. Growing up, Digs used to work in his grandfather’s grocery store stocking shelves. After finishing university and moving back to Toronto, Digs ran the High Park Organic Market and made it his mission to bring organic produce to the local neigbourhood at the best prices around. As you can probably imagine, he met lots of farmers while doing this and made lots of friends. After a couple of seasons at the mercy of the weather, a few market regulars (Lloyd and Barbara) planted the idea of a year-round store in his head with their sweet story of how his market had changed their lifestyle for the better.

You see… every weekend they would walk to the market and buy their fresh fruits and vegetables. This meant that they were both exercising more and eating better… plus they got to spend a little bit of nice quality time together in the outdoors. But the market was only seasonal, and shut down in November, and this meant that they had to drive to across town to get their organic fruits and veggies during the winter. If Digs opened a store close by, they said, they could visit him every weekend and take their walks year round. And also… since this store would presumably have a roof, when it rained he wouldn’t get nearly as wet while working at the cash register.

A few months later, The Sweet Potato was born.

We feel privileged to be a part of the incredibly vibrant community that is The Junction and are grateful for the unbelievable support we’ve been shown since we opened our doors in 2008. As The Junction has grown, we have grown too, and we are constantly striving to do better! We want to make your shopping experience sweeter and sweeter with each visit.