Do I Need an Account to Order?

Yes! To place an order you do need to register your account. Please see our privacy policy and Terms of Service for information on how we keep your data safe.

You can browse the site without logging in.

How Much is Pick-Up and Delivery?

Pick-up, also referred to as Curbside Service, is $5. Please pull into the designated spots in our parking lot and call Customer Service when you arrive – 437-922-4740

The delivery charge is $10. We currently deliver within about a 5km radius of our store.

How Can I Add Items to My Cart?

If you have a grocery list, you can use our search bar to find your desired items.

The Sweet Potato Toronto - Picture of the ecommerce search bar

You can also shop by Sweet Deals (our sale items) by visiting this link: https://shop.thesweetpotato.ca/listing/offer/sweet-deals

And if you’d like to try something new, try shopping by Department and Category. For instance, if you’d like to try some new chips, choose “Pantry” from our dropdown Department Menu and then choose “Chips and Snacks”

The Sweet Potato Toronto - drop down department search menu

I Can't Find my Product of Choice – why?

We’re adding new products to our eCommerce site every day. Newer items will be added in the coming weeks. Please keep checking regularly to watch our exciting offering grow!

If you’d like to make a product suggestion, please do! We’re always eager to add more great products to our offering. Please email Customer Service at info@thesweetpotato.ca

I Always Buy X in-store – Why can't I find it online?

We’ve aimed to get the majority of our products into our online store, but haven’t been able to launch with everything. Please reach out to our Customer Service team to let them know what you’re looking for at support@thesweetpotato.ca

Is Pricing The Same In-Store and Online?

We’ve aimed to get the majority of our products into our online store and to have prices match however there will be times when a Sweet Deal sale price or product offering is only available in-store for various reasons. If you’ve noted a discrepancy, please reach out to our Ecommerce team to let them know at support@thesweetpotato.ca

How do I Know Where Produce is From?

In the summer and fall, 85% of our produce is grown locally in Ontario. Outside of our growing season, we do our best to source organically grown produce from Canada and internationally. You’ll notice on each produce page that the countries of origin are listed. From time to time, depending on inventory, some items may change in origin from the time of order placement and collection (for instance, we may have Ontario Gala apples today, but have Quebec Galas next week when the order is filled).

Friendlier Reusable Packaging in Bulk - reducing single use plastic
We are thrilled to announce that our bulk offering now comes in a reusable container program run by Friendlier.
For each bulk item you add to your cart, a fully refundable 50¢ deposit will be charged to your order.
You can get your deposit back by leaving your containers out for pickup with your next delivery or bringing the containers back to the store.
Is There A minimum for Online Orders?

Yes, our order minimum is $50.

What Happens if a sale ends before my order is picked?

The pricing you see when you place your order is the price you’ll be charged.

What does 'Allow Substitutions' mean?

Depending on stock and availability, some items may become unavailable between when you’ve selected them and when it comes time to pick your order. When this happens, if you’ve allowed for substitutions, our team member will offer you a substitution of similar or better quality, quantity, and price. You’ll never pay more and can always reject a substitution for a refund later!

What if one of my items is unavailable when my order is picked?

If an item is not available when your order is being prepared, our picker will follow your directions regarding substitutions. You will be notified of any substitutions when your order is ready for pick up. If you have indicated in your preferences that you do not want substitutions, your picker will not pick an alternative item.

Can I use vendor coupons at checkout?

At this time we cannot accept vendor coupons online.

What Forms of Payment do you Accept?

We currently accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and VISA Debit currently.

Can I use a Sweet Potato gift card to pay?

We’re sorry to say that at present we cannot accept gift cards online.  We’re working hard on it, and hope we’ll be able to add this payment option shortly.

I placed an order recently - can I add to it?

You can log into your account and add additional items to your order as long as it’s before 3pm the day before you’re set to receive your order. Adding a few additional items should be automatic. However, if you add more than 25% of your order total, you may need to call our support line. When you call, be sure to have your order number handy and we’ll do our absolute best to accommodate! 416-762-4848 x 3

How do I cancel my order?

As long as your order is still pending, you may cancel your order in your profile by clicking on ‘pending’. From there a ‘cancel order’ field appears. Please select from the following reasons:

  • Wrong Product Selected
  • Wrong Price
  • Ordered by Mistake
  • Others

If you need help  to cancel your order, please reach out to Customer Service team at support@thesweetpotato.ca. Please include your order number in your email.

Why was the charge on my card higher than my checkout amount?

When your order is prepared, the selected payment is authorized for up to 125% of the order total to accommodate order changes (substitutions, order additions, etc). If you view your card and see a pending charge that is higher this is why. If after 5 business days of your order being delivered and/or picked up you don’t see the final charge please contact support@thesweetpotato.ca

How do I know if you deliver to me?

We offer delivery within approximately 5km – 7km of our store located at 108 Vine Avenue. If you select delivery the website will prompt you for a postal code to see if we’ll deliver to your area.

The Sweet Potato Toronto - Choose a Timeslot int he upper right hand side lets you figure out if we deliver to you

To find out if we deliver to you, please click on the “Choose a Time Slot” icon on the top right hand of the page.

The Sweet Potato Toronto - Shopping Method - delivery or pickup

From here, when you choose the Delivery option, you’ll be able to see whether we deliver to you and what time slots are available. It’ll look like this:

How long does it take to process an order?

While in general, we hope to be able to fill orders as soon as the next day, this timeline may be affected by holidays, store closures and regulations from the City of Toronto’s COVID-19 response which may place extra strain on our system. 

What are the fees for delivery and pick-up?

We offer contactless pick-up in our parking lot for a $5 fee.

We offer delivery within 5 km of our store (108 Vine Ave) for $10.

Can I tip my delivery driver?

Our drivers do not expect tips from customers. The Sweet Potato is committed to paying fair wages (always paying above minimum wage) as well as offering additional Health Benefits. Our drivers, like the rest of the Yam Fam, are not part of the gig economy. That said, realistically speaking, there will still be grateful customers who will want to tip drivers, in which case the drivers do have the right to accept tips. In the event tips have been received, the expectation will be for drivers to share it equally with the rest of the team.

Why Was The Amount At Checkout Different From My Final Bill At Delivery/Pick-Up?

Because some of our fresh items (produce, meat, seafood, and fine cheese) are sold by weight the final price may change based on the items picked for your order. 

When your order is prepared, the selected payment method will be authorized for up to 125% of the order total to accommodate updates to your order. The difference is credited back to you once final amounts for weighed items are totalled.

Where do I pick up my order?

Please come to our parking lot at 162 Vine Ave (just west of our store). Park in one of the dedicated Online Order parking spots (located on your right as you enter the parking lot), and then phone our Customer Service desk at 437-922-4740 and your order will be brought out to your car for a contactless pick-up. Please open your trunk and remain in your car, we will load your order!

Can I place a same day order for pick-up?

Yes! We are pleased to offer you same day pick up! If you place your order by 2pm you will be able to pick up your order in our 6pm-7:30pm time slot.

How long is your delivery window?

Right now, our daytime delivery windows are 4 hours: 8 AM – 12 PM; 12 PM – 4 PM; 4 PM to 8 PM. 

As we expand our service and fleet of vehicles, we hope to change this schedule to offer more flexibility.

Do I have to be home to receive my order?

Yes, we ask that you be home to receive your order given that many items are highly perishable and favourites of Toronto racoons.

How will my refrigerated and frozen items be handled for delivery?

Our delivery vehicle is equipped with refrigeration to keep your fresh and frozen items at the appropriate temperatures. We ask that you pick a delivery window when you’ll be home to safely store your items at home. We are not responsible for product quality that is left at your door, within your delivery time frame.

I have a problem with my order, can I get a refund?

Absolutely! We are happy to give you a refund if what you bought is spoiled, if it’s not what you expected, or if it’s just plain unsatisfying. Depending on which department the products originated in, there may be a few things we need from you to process the refund (like photographs of the problems/damage, or pics of the barcode and date-stamp), but those are just to help us make sure any problems get corrected and reported to everyone who needs to know about them. Whatever the issue, please let us know about it at support@thesweetpotato.ca!

What's Still to Come?

In the coming months, we’ll be working to include gift cards as a payment option.

What are your Covid-19 Policies?

We’re working hard to keep everyone – including our customers, our staff, our suppliers, and our community – safe and healthy.  Some of the policies and practices that we’ve instituted to make that reality are:

  • All of our staff, vendors, delivery workers always wear masks and other appropriate PPE.
  • No one ever works sick, or symptomatic; all onsite staff and delivery drivers are participating in health screening, and we offer generous sick-leave for folks who can’t or shouldn’t work
  • All visitors to the store have to wear masks, in accordance with city bylaw 541-2020
  • We have special shopping hours for our most Vulnerable shoppers (including the elderly, immunocompromised folks, and their caregivers) – they are currently 8:30 am-10 am Monday through Thursday
  • We offer Contactless Curbside Pickup and Delivery for folks who should not shop in the store
  • We have been assessed by Toronto Public Health to be exceeding the standards recommended to ensure public safety
  • While we do everything in our power to ensure speedy processing of Curbside Pickup and Delivery orders, if there are new regulations restricting in-store shopping you may not be able to book a delivery spot for some or many days – we are doing everything we can to keep things running smoothly, and we thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. 
  • To learn more, please visit our healthy and safety page.

New to the world of organic and natural foods?

If you’re looking for resources on organic farming and the natural foods industry, look no further than our our Educational Resources section! There you’ll find a Glossary of Terms, our Banned Ingredient List, and lots of helpful info that will help you navigate grocery aisles and your kitchen!

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