Our dairy department offers you a wide variety of products that are as clean as they are tasty. What that means is:

  • We carry dairy products that are both local and organic, whenever possible;
  • We carry dairy products that are local and not certified organic, but only if we can find a source we trust and we can’t find a better local and certified organic alternative;
  • We carry imported organic dairy products, but only when we can’t find a local option;
  • We carry eggs exclusively from birds who live healthy, free-range or free-run lives;
  • We carry dairy products from animals that are free of hormones and antibiotics;
  • Our fridge is bursting with a diverse selection of milks, cheeses and yogurts of all kinds, including sheep, goat, and water buffalo.

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to develop good working relationships with our local dairy farmers and producers. We go straight to the source to ensure that we’re bringing you the freshest, tastiest, and most ethically sound dairy options available.

We’re straight up when it comes to your food. If you have any questions or feedback for our dairy department please contact:

Donald – Dairy Buyer


(416) 762-4848 ext. 227