The Yam Fam



Digs Founder & Co-Owner

After running the much loved High Park Organic Market for several years, Digs found himself with a network of loyal customers, farmers and suppliers, and knew he had to give the people what they wanted – a year-round outlet for great quality local and organic food in the neighborhood.

Digs is a stand up guy. He is super involved in all the happenings at the store and is truly passionate about quality local and organic produce. He tastes, tests, and tries everything that gets put on the shelf, making sure that, regardless of a product’s status as organic or healthy, it’s also delicious and priced appropriately.

When he’s not at the store, you will likely find Digs making music or dancing.


CJ – Director of Operations & Co-Owner

In show business, they call it being the stage manager: the audience never sees them, but they know every cue in the show. Each and every aspect of your customer experience – from the Sweet Deals you see in your flyer to where an item gets placed on the shelf – has been defined, designed and/or refined by your friendly Director of Ops. Whether it’s grading a case of cherries or aggregating 2,000+ pages of data to computerize the inventory system, CJ knows what’s going on. He has worked all sides of the food business, from planting and picking onions, squash and strawberries to running a private catering company, and brings those considerable talents to the benign dictatorship that is the downstairs office at The Sweet Potato.

An added bonus of being able to do math on the fly is that on any day of the year, CJ can tell you exactly how many days it is until his birthday.



Angelica  Customer Service Manager

(416) 762-4848 ext. 231

 Angelica came into the store for flax seeds nearly five years ago, and never left.  Why would she?  Amazing people on both sides of the counter, and a hundred-years old library around the corner – what more could anyone ask for?

On game day, Angelica dresses in black, red, white and purple – Go Raptors!


James  Store Manager

(416) 762-4848 x222 

James brings to the Sweet Potato over 18 years of experience working in the world of organic and natural foods.  He has been a produce buyer, a brand representative, a salesman, a store manager & even one of our own suppliers; now he keeps things running smoothly and the grocery shelves filled.  If you have a question about whether we can get that one kind of organic rice that you like so much, or just want to tell us how great we are, James is your guy.

When he isn’t keeping things ticking here, he plays drums in a band (we can’t explain the photo) and is afflicted with a deep love for all Toronto sports teams – but we’re hoping he pulls through.




Evan – Marketing & Communications

(416) 762-4848 ext. 226

Evan is responsible for most of the words and pictures that come from The Sweet Potato (like these ones).  He puts together our flyers, maintains our website, and handles most of our social media.  Evan really likes helping people, grew up on an organic farm, and once held a five million year old meteorite in his hand (but they made him give it back).



Michael – Produce Manager

It’s Michael’s steady hand on the tiller that keeps our produce department so beautiful.  He’s been working with produce on-and-off since he was twelve years old, although he took a break in the middle to be an in internationally touring rock band (for reals).  These days, when he’s not hard at work making our store look amazing, he spends his time riding his bike and hanging out with his kids.



William – Grocery Manager

William is our grocery manager, which means that he runs and does the ordering for our grocery department. He is amazing at doing product displays and although he is a recent hire (albeit one with twenty years of industry experience), he has quickly come to love working with our enthusiastic and often hilarious grocery squad.

William is thoughtful and articulate, and truly believes in the healing power of food and good and mindful eating. He loves nature and photography, and has a gold tooth that he didn’t win in combat with a pirate.




Donald – Dairy & Frozen Buyer  

416-762-4848 x227

Donald does a great job buying all of the milk and cheese that graces our fridge.  He has a very self-effacing aw shucks attitude, which belies the great work and attention to detail that he brings to work every day.

Donald attended Don Bosco Secondary School, where he did not play on the football team.



Katherine – HABA Buyer

Katherine has loved Health & Beauty products basically for ever – as soon as she was old enough to have her own spending money, she was spending it on cleansers & moisturizers, determined to try every last one.  She brings that same enthusiasm to her position as our HABA buyer, making sure that we always have the best & coolest beauty products available.

When she’s not rocking our Beauty aisle, Katherine loves watching movies and photographing flowers.




Veronica Accounts Payable

(416) 762-4848 ext. 221

A certified accountant of over twenty years international experience, Veronica hides a razor-sharp mind and no-nonsense attitude behind a deceptively giggly exterior.  In addition to keeping our books balanced, she also keeps the office staff in line (well – she tries).  She’s not actually a Koala, but she is shy enough that she wouldn’t let us take her photo.

When Veronica isn’t at The Sweet Potato, she is actively charitable, helping to get schools built in some of the worlds neediest communities.