Our Good Food Standards

Natural Foods…

Here at the Sweet Potato we work hard to bring you the very best in natural, local, and organic foods. What does this mean? We do our homework, and bring you products that are minimally processed with no added ingredients. We avoid all the nasty hormones, antibiotics, sweeteners, colours and GMOs. This brings us to our love for organics and the obvious question:

Why organic?

Well, a lot about organic principles goes hand in hand with what we are trying to achieve and what our customers are looking for. Organic means that fruits and vegetables are grown free of pesticide and herbicide sprays, and without the use of chemical fertilizers. Organic means ingredients grown on healthy, nutrient dense land using non-GMO seeds. Organic means yummy… really really yummy…

…Sweeter Prices

Over the years, we have developed strong relationships working directly with farmers and other local suppliers and distributors to get great deals for you while at the same time feeding our local infrastructure! We have a team of amazing buyers all working to pass as many sweet deals onto our customers as possible, and we buy in large quantities to pass on the savings. As Digs’ grandfather used to say: ‘pile it high and watch it fly’.

What is local you ask?

Technically, local means anything that’s grown in this province, but we like to think even closer than that. Many of the fruits and vegetables we sell have been grown less than 40 minutes away.

We try to source the goods from Ontario first, Quebec, BC, and the northern US second, California third, and as a last resort, anywhere else. When we import products, we try to act as ethically as possible – preferring fair-trade alternatives wherever they exist.