Are you hiring?
We are frequently hiring (check our jobs page), and even when we’re not we keep resumes and applications on hand for 3 months.  We’re always keen to meet people who are interested in making a home at The Sweet Potato.

Do your cashiers bag groceries, or am I responsible?
We totally bag groceries for customers! If you bring your own reusable bags, just give ’em to our cashiers & they’ll bag you right up! If you want to bag your own groceries, though, we also welcome that and especially appreciate it when we’re busy.

Can you get a product for me that you don’t currently carry?
We’ll certainly try! If we don’t plan on carrying it in the future, but we have the ability to get some (ie, it’s available in Canada and we know who distributes it) we can usually special-order a full case just for you.  (Please note that special ordering a case means that you will get a 10% discount, but that you’re committing to taking an entire case of one flavour.)

I’d like you to carry a product that you currently don’t stock. What do I do?
Let us know what it is.  We can’t guarantee we can make room for it, or get it in, but we’ll try.
Update: we’re currently operating under a Listing Freeze, meaning that we’re not bringing in new products until we move to our new, bigger location at 108 Vine Ave. Until then, however, we’d love to hear about what kinds of things you hope to see in the new store!

When do you get x, y, or z delivered?
We get produce delivered 6 days/week. Grocery products are delivered 4 days/week, but every supplier comes at different intervals. If you get in touch with the relevant department manager, they can always let you know exactly when to expect new product.

Do you accept the Veg Card?
Although we love vegetarians and try to accommodate them as best we can, we do not currently accept the Veg Card.

Do you have gift cards?
YES! You can put as much or as little on a gift card as you like – and they NEVER expire!