Digs Dorfman, founder and president The Sweet Potato


Digs Dorfman

As a lifelong type 1 diabetic raised by a working class mom, Digs has long believed that health foods shouldn’t be a privilege of the wealthy.  When he’s not building a fruit display or doing paperwork, Digs is probably making music, dancing, or taking a really long walk.


CJ Chiddy

CJ is a big part of the reason TSP is the amazing, inclusive, socially conscious place that it is.  He’s worked at most of the levels of the food industry – from picker to buyer, and nearly everything in between – and when he’s not at the store he’s often gardening, tramping around the woods, or helping raise his cats.

Store Manager


Like so many of us at The Sweet Potato, Erica thought she was taking a retail job as a temporary thing. Ten years and two continents later she’s a lifer, and we’re thrilled to have her as our new store manager.


Front End Manager


When she’s not chillin’ with her man & watching movies, Yana is super into makeup and Bollywood dancing. So when you notice our front end looking especially sharp and grooving to a fresh beat, we’ve got Yana to thank for that!


Grocery Manager


Beloved in the industry for his kindness and quiet competence, Donald spends a lot of time on golf courses for someone who doesn’t play the game.


Promotions Manager


With his decades of industry experience, James is adored and respected by staff and vendors alike. He lines up all of the Sweet Deals you find in our flyer, and also deals sweetly with our oft-hilarious shenanigans.


Produce Manager


Michael has been working in produce since he was 16, and somehow also had a career as an internationally touring rock drummer. We’re not quite sure how he had the time, but we’re very lucky to have him.


Natural Apothecary Manager


Amanda’s three favourite things in the world are dogs, craft beer, and holistic health. If we had a Drunken Doggy Day Care, she’d be winning at that – but instead she’s rocking our Natural Apothecary.


Bulk Manager


Who’s got two green thumbs, and loves to cook? Sam! When she’s not ‘rasslin with our bulk department, she enjoys ‘rasslin the patriarchy, riding her bike around town, and finding “unique” ways to keep the raccoons out of her vegetable garden.


Database Manager


Whenever anything database related goes right, it’s likely because Amanda is thorough and amazing. Whenever anything goes wrong, it’s likely because someone didn’t follow her instructions…


Community Outreach 


Widely recognized as the beardliest member of the Yam Fam, Evan spends a lot of time off the floor – which is too bad, because helping people is one of his favourite things.