Everything Else


Our grocery department brings you the very finest in natural and organic packaged foods without all the junk. What that means is:

  • We carry grocery products free of preservatives and added trans-fats;
  • We carry grocery products free of artificial flavors, colours, or sweeteners;
  • We carry grocery products free of GMOs;
  • We support local brands and smaller producers whenever possible.

All through our grocery department, you’ll find delicious, reasonably priced, all-natural and organic staples like: cereal, juice, pasta, canned beans, and baking supplies. You can be sure that if it’s on our grocery shelves, it meets our highest standards for good, clean food.

We’re straight up when it comes to your food. If you have any questions or feedback for our grocery department please contact:


(416) 762-4848 ext. 222