The stripetti resembles a rounder delicata squash and tastes like a creamier, sweeter version of a spaghetti squash, which makes it a great companion for hearty stuffings. Mixing your own spice blend for this dish allows you to use any meat (or plant-based alternative) you wish.

Low-and-slow roasting makes the flesh of delicata squash extra rich and creamy. The skin of delicata squash is not only edible, but meaty in texture. Along with the smoky aromas of kale and portobello, this dish is surprisingly decadent for vegans and meat-lovers alike.

If you've had a long day but can't wait until the weekend to cure your squash cravings, try this super simple method and let these famously sweet Honeynut squash do all the heavy lifting! Just turn on the oven and toss 'em in as soon as you get in the door, and the low and...

A more decadent (and adorable) twist on the classic pumpkin pie, these tarts are sure to please every age! Great for your next potluck, weekend baking project, or lunchbox treat.

We love this easy-to-prepare recipe. It's a sneaky way to add more greens to your plate, plus it tastes divine. Try it added to your next stir-fry or alongside our new Sweet Potato Kitchen Sweet & Sour Chicken!